This week’s news includes a Nintendo Switch hack, tech companies acting like car companies, car companies acting like tech companies, and founder exits by choice and force.


Hackers have found a way to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch -This hack reveals that the weakness is in the Tegra X1 processing chip from Nvidia. Physical access to the device is required in order to short the system. Don’t worry, your Zelda BOTW game should be safe.

Connected Cars

Apple again meets with California DMV to talk autonomous vehicles  –  I thought a few years ago, the people on the Project Titan team were looking for new jobs. It looks like the Apple Car team is spinning up again. Apple doesn’t have a prominent track record for building hardware to last more than a few years. The average car stays on the road for about 11 years. So this is likely an underlying software system for cars.

Audi considers subscription service, plans over-the-air updating system – Car OEMs used to frown upon OTA updates. Times have changed.


WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum is leaving Facebook after clashing over data privacy – His Facebook post is so good I won’t be surprised if HBO’s Silicon Valley rips it off.

Zynga founder Mark Pincus reduces voting power after changing stock

The CEO of a health startup backed by Eric Schmidt and top VCs has been fired amid allegations he intimidated employees – 40% employee turnaround definitely raises questions whether there’s an a-hole in the house.

Former Twitter M&A executive Jess Verrilli is headed to Google-backed venture firm GV — again