Today’s headlines include diversity in the venture capital world, the future of autonomous driving tests, secure messaging, and data privacy.

Meet Union Square Ventures’ First Female General Partner – via Forbes -👏👏👏👏 👏Female representation in the VC world is worth celebrating. Learn more about Rebecca Kaden.  I look forward to a time in which the words “first” and “female” seem unnecessary in the headline.

California says goodbye to Uber’s driverless cars – via CNET – In the wake of the death of Elaine Herzberg, the pedestrian tragically killed by a self-driving car, Uber is not renewing it’s autonomous vehicle testing permit with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles when it expires on March 31.

How to make the most out of secure messaging app Signal – via The Next Web –  Signal works best when you’re friends are on the network and you secure your devices.

Peter Thiel Employee Helped Cambridge Analytica Before It Harvested Data – via NYT – The headline is a click-baity since Palantir never had a formal partnership with Cambridge Analytica and Thiel is not directly involved. But it’s amazing to learn the social graph that is unfolding as to who is interested in using Facebook data and psychographics.

Facebook Says It’s Putting All Your Privacy Settings in One Place, Which It Was Going to Do Anyway, So There – via Gizmodo and Facebook’s new privacy tools let you scrub your data, for real – via CNET – For real, real?  These main points of putting  privacy settings and shortcuts in control of the user doesn’t really seem like new features. The problem still is that Facebook app developers were able to harvest data in mass and use it maliciously. I don’t see any announcements about the developers platform.