How Businesses Adapt Amid COVID-19

I’m in Week 9 of Shelter in Place in San Francisco. Since Day 1 inside, I’ve considered how the world will be different as I watch businesses pivot to different models in order to survive.

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The Stretch - Nintendo Switch hacking, Apple Car, and leadership changes

This week’s news includes a Nintendo Switch hack, tech companies acting like car companies, car companies acting like tech companies, and founder exits by choice and force. Cybersecurity Hackers have found a way to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch -This hack reveals that the weakness is in the Tegra X1 processing chip from Nvidia.

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The Stretch - KittyRace, Hired's Wage Inequality Report, Dockless bikes

This week’s headlines includes KittyRace with CryptoKitties, the latest trend of scotter/bike sharing, and data analysis of wage inequality. Cryptocurrency African Farmers to Get Crypto Loans from Fintech Startups This gives the under-banked greater access to credit facilities with lower interest rates.

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