Building Digital Solutions for Farmers: the Climate Corporation Shares Challenges, Highlights

I’ve been following the Climate Corporation since 2011 when it was an insurance solution for farmers and was then acquired by Monsanto in 2013. It has since spun out to be a precision agriculture solution and most recently was acquired by Bayer.

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Diversity and Inclusion has Uncomfortable Truths and Inspirational Takeaways

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) programs have seen a rise in corporate budget allocations in the past two years but remains a sensitive, sometimes divisive, topic in tech. I was compelled to attend an event on August 10 when Anna Binder, Head of People Operations at Asana, announced that Ellen Pao would be moderating a panel called Real Talk: The Uncomfortable Truths of D&I that featured these tech D&I leaders:

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Diversity and Inclusion Resource Roundup

Research data proves that diverse teams and companies outperform. Check out these resources for data about D&I programs, suggestions, open-sourced projects. We hope that this is living document. Please contact us for suggestions. Data and Research McKinsey & Company Delivering through diversity report.

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