Building Digital Solutions for Farmers: the Climate Corporation Shares Challenges, Highlights

I’ve been following the Climate Corporation since 2011 when it was an insurance solution for farmers and was then acquired by Monsanto in 2013. It has since spun out to be a precision agriculture solution and most recently was acquired by Bayer.

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Sustainable food supplies means that food may look different soon

The future of agriculture naturally overlaps with the future of food since it lies upstream with our food supply. As the population grows, the world will need to increase the food supply. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations cites that we’ll need to produce as much as 70% more food by 2050.

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Cannabis is Transforming Agriculture Tech

I suggest that you forget the misconception that cannabis is a world shady stoners. Last year, I saw a parade of cannabis startups pitch at the LAUNCH festival, many of whom were insisting, “we’re a data company.

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