Autonomous Vehicles Business: An Intensive Bootcamp, June 30 - July 1

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By Liz Slocum Jensen June 4, 2018

Are you looking to pivot your career into Autonomous Vehicles? In this 2-day course,  Sudha Jamthe, CEO of IoT Disruptions, will prepare you to identify the business opportunities emerging in the autonomous vehicle (AV) field.  This course is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, executives, and investors.  Here’s what to expect:

Day 1: AV Business Landscape

  • Technology, Regulation, ecosystem, business drivers, AV Data, and AI
  • Understanding what is an AV business and where are gaps to innovate using a case study approach
  • Product Management of an AV

Day 2: AV Investment Landscape

  • What are the various kind of businesses getting funding in AV space (entrepreneurs)
  • Get the perspective from an angel, Growth VC and Corporate VC
  • Understand what business opportunities are getting funded (for career pivots)

Guest speakers include: VijaiSai Patnaik, Product Manager, Waymo; Kyle Columbus, Program Launch Manager for Future Transportation, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development; Oliver Cameron, CEO,; Sanjit Singh Dang, Partner, Intel Capital; Anupam Rastogi, Nokia Venture Partners; and Gail Gottehrer, Tech Attorney.

When:  June 30 - July 1, 2018, 10am - 4pm

Where: Stanford University

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About Sudha Jamthe

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoT Disruptions and founder of

She is a globally recognized author, technology futurist, Stanford CSP instructor with courses about building Cognitive IoT and Driverless Cars businesses. She enjoys mentoring business leaders in digital transformation and shaping new technology ecosystems.


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